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the best twenty percent

It’s been a week. It has been a good week, but one of those weeks that seems to keep going and going. The summer months seem to be full of weeks like this. Weeks that seem to go on forever and then are over all at once. I had many plans for what I was going to write about this week. But it seems that the more I plan, the less I get done. I have a feeling this problem has to do with my perfectionist tendencies. When I have so carefully laid out a plan I know think that once I begin working it can never go exactly as I plan, so what is the point of even starting? (don't worry there is a point to this post, you'll just have to bear with me for a bit while I find it).

And here even as I'm writing this, thinking why even post anything at all this week if it isn’t going to be perfect, or amazing, or life changing. But so few things are ever really as  awe-inspiring as we believe they will be. 
 Does everything worth sharing have to be awe-inspiring or life altering though? 
 We hav…

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